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I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember; sometimes think it was before I could walk but certainly from early teens.


Remember my first SLR camera a Praktica BC1, a budget SLR at the time it was quite cutting edge. It was all manual although it did “assist” you with some suggested settings for Shutter and Aperture setting.


A “real” good camera to learn the craft with.


From there I moved quickly on to Minolta Dynax SLR cameras and worked my way through a few 500 series cameras ending with the 500si.


It was a long wait for Minolta to go digital but as many would say it was well worth the wait with the launch of the Konica Minolta 7D.

or reviews and specs see: -


Sony in Autumn 2011 have finally launched the long awaited Alpha 77.

See this will be the next purchase and the story continues...


Sony bought over Minolta as it split away from Konica, many say the deal was down to the 7D itself. With Sony came great expectations of a new range of digital cameras, although slow to take off. Sony launch the Sony Alpha 700, which was really just a quick rework and upgrade of the 7D so I waited. And waited, and waited finally I upgraded to a Sony Alpha 580.

For reviews and specs see: -

Inverness Photographic


John Mills



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